Saturday, 30 May 2020

Distance Reiki

Yesterday,  I had a very wonderful and amazing experience. 

While it's something I've done before, stepping back and looking at the experience or sum of it, I'm blown away with quiet awe and gratitude that I am offered the opportunity to be a part of this work (Reiki) - it's nothing short of incredible.

A long time friend was struggling and knowing she is  struggling to see people yet keep people at a safe distance as well we chose to  work together and I offered up some Distance Healing. 

Reiki energy is omni present and you need nothing more then to be aware of the time I am sending you vibrational energy  waves your way. Go about doing what you do with intention of feeling the reiki energy  and healing yourself through the distant session.  

Then I thought about what was happening.  For the first time since 2007  I really thought about what  we were doing here.
Together, we connected with our  energy, we sent healing energy as friends not just as a reiki client.  We used the techniques that I train in the Academy that she is well aware of. She said felt the difference happening. 

I did too,  we felt the changes not only in her but in myself as well. Together (from afar, her home and I in mine)  we sat channeled a beautiful, applicable and inspiring message from our mind and our guides. We both sensed when the session was complete. We felt like we had really accomplished a lot.  We connect on a Celtic Level. Did this make a difference? 

So there I was, sitting at my home office table. People were walking by my home I could see them out my window. But I was involved in this incredible experience and the outside world just kept moving along.

I typed up the report of our session, included the guidance received, and emailed it to ( My friend) the client. What is always exciting with distance reiki is that when someone you work with (on) verifies that what we had done had been powerful for her, and that she felt lighter, loved, supported, guided, dare she say better. Mentioned it was like dancing around a fire, dark yet warm and safe.  

I am filled with joy and gratitude to be part of this experience.

I feel like a super hero.  No ego simply a hero that is there creating  sacred space for healing in whatever  space feel comfortable enough for those seeking  help can come and join me there. 

What is more magical than this experience?? 

I can't think of anything. Real magic, this work.

I have the best job ever.

Feeling that I  had to share the experience with you just because well, there's nothing like it. And during these dark months we have come through and still see no real light,  let Reiki be yours. 

We are capable of so much beauty, healing, magic, connection, intuition, and joy. And most of us, most of the day, walk around oblivious. It takes moments like the hour I spent  yesterday morning to be a powerful reminder of this truth. 

I love being a part of it.

I told my husband at dinner, we are connected to everything. We have access to all of the information in the universe. We only need to learn the methods necessary to train ourselves to receive the information we seek. As I am still setting up the Academy and the course online as the new normal, this is very joyous news for me being a holistic practioner. 

The act of connecting to another's energy and observing will activate a healing process. And intention amplifies that process. It was fascinating and just served to validate what I already have experienced. 

I love that my students past and present resonate with  my  basic teachings and are with me in  believing that the more people who are "psychically" accessing a target, the stronger the signal will be. 

That also validates that healing with a team is more powerful than alone. I will never forget my  level 2 class and I  joining in as a team to send healing energy to a BEE-utiful (see what I did there?) lady in the Vernon Hospital as we sent her distance reiki healing. 

But I already knew that too. Yesterday was another perfect example of that insight.

Feeling the need to  blog because I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of doing this work. For all of you who also given Reiki, you know how I feel. 

For those of you who haven't yet learned it, I would be honored to teach you, advise you, and help you discover that anyone can learn this too. 

I'm not special, I tell people. I just learned to do something extraordinary. You can too. Be ready to be ready and tune in to your inner guidance. That's it in a nut shell. 

Bright Blessings, 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020


Services are now open with the following implementations.
for  COVID 19;  we use PREemptCS20



10 AM
12 PM
2 PM 


10 AM
12 PM
2 PM 


10 AM
12 PM
2 PM

Root Chakra Reiki  will only book clients for a maximum of three clients per day 9-10 appointments during a week  that allows for ample time to properly sanitize between clients. The timing is slightly flexible but YOU THE CLIENT will need to pre-book . This allows me to  gauge what's required.



As a small business I email or  text clients 24 hours prior to their appointments to confirm their health status. Anyone not feeling well, must reschedule. The same applies if anyone in your household is ill or if any of you are under quarantine.


Have you been in close proximity to anyone or have you yourself been a confirmed or suspected case of covid-19?

Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat, and loss of taste or smell or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours?

Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

Both Parties will wear a mask as needed. 

 I am working from the foot end of the table during  Reiki Sessions.  There will be  no headsets available and music will be off the computer.  Easier and healthier way to stay germ free. Table will have no linens on them for easy wipe down. Clients must also wear masks for the duration of the appointment. No exceptions. Please come with one on or I will provide over with an added $2 to your total.


Clients will be asked to show up AT their appointment time. You will need to use the restroom and wash your hands before the session and after. You will need to scrub your hands for  at least 20 seconds with *warm soapy water. Please be on time as everything is very precisely timed to allow for appointments and the cleaning after each of you for your safety and my own.


I will be cleaning everything the client touches including, the massage (Reiki) Table, the chair I sit on, the door handles, washroom etc. with a government approved disinfection solution and a thorough cleaning of every flat surface including walls at the end of the day.

I will be using disposable towels. ( Blue brand Jay Clothes) Found in the  restroom and in the treatment room. 


I will continue to clean my implements with warm soapy water then follow up with the appropriate disinfection procedure for each item and full sterilization of the items that require. Pendulum, Gemstones and Singing Bowls. 


Clients will be asked to immediately wash their hands with warm soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds (sing happy birthday). As always, I will have hand sanitizer in the treatment room which needs to be used once you sit or lie on the treatment table, the chair and again before you leave to prevent any possibility of covid-19 transmission. 

Absolutely this is a task! 
For your safety and mine  
No, it's not negotiable.

I have a bin for all your things. Purse, keys, jacket, cell phone.. Yes, cell phones must be put away and off the treatment table.


All clients that are no GROUPONS must prepay contactless pay through e-transfers or Pay Pal. 

Credit cards and cash are not accepted. 

I do not wish to hunt anyone down for payment. Businesses have enough to do right now to provide services and keep the  space clean. 


YES, we have been off work for weeks and months and we will undoubtedly want to chat up a storm, Root Chakra Reiki is asking clients to limit talking as we are trying to reduce the possibility of particulates in the air. We will have masks on but it’s important to do all we can.


I will be limiting new clients to MONDAYS so that they can feel  I have room for my existing clients with my reduced schedule.

Moving forward there are some very big changes, while as a business owner I  know change can be difficult, I want you to know I've implemented them for your safety as much as my own and that of my family.  

Our pricing will change a bit due to the extra costs incurred for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)  and new sanitation requirements and overall higher expense for ALL of my equipment and products. It won't be a large change but it is necessary. 

Thank you for your patience through all of this!

60 Minutes - $60.00 + gst
30 Minutes - $45.00 + gst
Masks available for $2.00 each (or bring your own. 

Not Negotiable -----   MUST WEAR!

Distance Reiki on google hangouts …….$ 35.00/30 minutes



Summer Solstice Campout
Welcome to the SS with Grove of the Red Dragon. This is our second official  event of 2020.  We want all participants to stay healthy. We are following any and all  guidelines put forth for any  business during this pandemic. Please respect this as a business as we are a not for profit business like any other.  We  do hope this is one epic weekend with much success.
We have separate family pits for your safety and a communal fire  pit for sacred space for the ritual only. There will be no cooking or anything on this fire. ( Please see the fire keeper that has been assigned to maintain the ritual fire for the weekend)

Grove Summer Solstice  Etched in Stone

  • FREE CAMPING for 2020
  • Greeting of the sun every morning around 8 am
  • Workshops will be available, some by donation/trade and some will be free.
  • NO VENDOR FEES! So bring your wares or services to sell and make some coin!
  • NO plates, cups, cutlery, pots & pans, coffee pots, etc. are available bring your own items
  • No throwing cigarette butts into the sacred fire pits. Please bring containers for your butts. (tobacco offering is permitted)
  • Your children are your responsibility, however, there will be workshops for them if a parent chooses to run one
  • Pets - same as kids - your responsibility and clean up
  • There will be a brief meeting after the Closing Rite. We will be asking you for your feedback in regards to the Solstice Campout and what you would like to see the following year.
  • We are always looking for volunteers to help organize.

In days of old, which we still adhere to, folks would come together at Pagan events and usually, these events were the only time most folks would be all together in one area at the same time; so, understandably, rites of passage would take place where there are friends and family witnessing and sharing the event. There are many types of Rites of Passage and below are just a few of them.
Rites are:

  • handfastings (binding ),
  • Handparting (unbinding),
  • Naming ceremony or Wiccaning (baby or toddler),
  • Squiring (puberty boys), First Moon (puberty girls),
  • Croning and Saging (Non-menstruating women and senior men), etc.
These events are also a time where folks would like to anoint or be anointed by a high priest or high priestess, initiations, consecrating magical tools, cleansings, blessings, etc.  If you would like to have a rite performed during any of our Ritual Events throughout the year,  please private message Chanter Reedwitch, Jade Cropley, Michelle Regnier or Wayne Robert and one or some of us or others who have experience will help with your wishes.It is important that you let us know well in advance of our Rituals.


Annual Pagan Spiritual Campout  ~ 2.5 days
Located 5.7 kl up Postil Lake Road in Kelowna BC
Completely wheelchair accessible
Vendors are welcome NO VENDING FEES
There are no Bathrooms & Showers ( We will have a makeshift porta potty and there is  a running creek with fresh water.)
Bring own TENT - Car and food for the duration & Sanitization Station REQUIRED
Opening & closing ceremonies each morning and night
Litha ritual
Bring drums, rattles, or any instruments you play
Faerie Table - Take a gift & leave a gift
Bring a can for your butts, do not place butts in ritual firepit, although tobacco as an offering is allowed.
There is no Medical Tent ( First Aid maybe available)

Campsite 1 BOOKED
Campsite 2 BOOKED
Campsite 3 BOKED
Campsite 4 BOOKED
Campsite 5 BOOKED
Campsite 6 BOOKED
Campsite 7 AVAILABLE (If needed)

You must be 2 METERS APART at all times
Fire is for ritual only!

Pagan Festival Firepit Etiquette
One of the main attractions at pagan festivals is the firepit. As with the ancient people, the presence of a communal fire naturally draws people together, creating instant community (just add wood!). What happens around these firepits greatly depends upon the people, the program, and the weather.

What you can expect around a firepit is as follows:
* conversation and socializing * Discussions
* bardic performances (singing, dancing, poetry, storytelling, etc.)
* dancing & * drumming
* ritual
The firepit should be a safe place where everyone is welcome to share in the fire's heat and light. This shared experience creates a bond, but it is everyone's responsibility to maintain it. The firepit is a magical place where friendships are forged, beauty is celebrated, stories are shared, and where laughter reigns supreme. But a firepit is also a surprisingly delicate environment. It can be easily destroyed by ego, rudeness, carelessness, or even physical danger.

The bonfire is a sacred place, so unless the fire-keeper says otherwise, only the fire-keeper is allowed to feed a fire.

Sharing a Fire Pit
What people do around a firepit depends greatly on the event, the time, and the location of said fire pit. Some fire pits are largely social gatherings where people sit or stand in groups and catch up on news, tell jokes, and just enjoy each other's company. Try to keep the volume of your conversation to a respectful level so as not to drown out other people.

NO ONE BUT THE APPOINTED SOCIAL MEDIA person can  use a video/audio recorder to record what is said around a firepit without *everyone’s* explicit permission. Please ask for a colored yarn to wear,  if you do not want photos taken of you. 

The attention of the crowd might shift from intimate conversation to a group discussion, but this should be as organic as possible. In most cases, insisting that everyone stops talking to listen to you speak is regarded as rude, unless an announcement is to be made.
 If a Firepit is being built to allow people to dance, there are usually a few key elements: a ring of dancers, the musicians (drummer) in one corner, and the watchers on the outside. No one is obliged to dance, but the dancing line is open to all. Generally, the dancers will move either clockwise or counterclockwise, so you are expected to move with the flow of the group. When there are too many people for a single ring, multiple rings will form.  Sometimes people will take some or all of their clothes off while dancing around a fire. Whether this is allowed or not depends on the Festival Organizer, so consult with the Fire-keeper or Security to find out if this is appropriate, especially if children are present. 
However, skyclad is not an invitation for anyone to touch, grope, or make lewd or derogatory comments.

Happy Solstice & Blessed Be!

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Reiki Level 1

Certified Reiki Master & Academy
Traci Savel 

✧ ❤✧ ✧ Reiki Level One Course $50.00 ✧ ✧❤ ✧

Please send us a email using the application form on the blog. Or  contact us at

Reiki Practitioner - Swedish & Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage
 © Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy 2020

Monday, 11 May 2020

Herbs for Spells.........................

Blessed Oak Moss & Lichens 

Each packet weighs .02 lbs / shipping weight 2 oz.
In ritual, folklore and magic, oakmoss is often used for purification and to break hexes.  All of our herbs are responsibly wildcrafted for your sacred, ritual, ceremonial and magical use. Herbs are perfect for use in spells, candle dressing, additions to incense and many other applications. 

Responsibly Wildcrafted in BC Canada. Items in photo other than herbal packet are not included. Sorry no refunds or returns. Not for consumption.

Each packet weighs .02 lbs / shipping weight 2 oz.
In ritual, folklore and magic, yarrow is often used for purification and to break hexes.  All of our herbs are responsibly wildcrafted for your sacred, ritual, ceremonial and magical use. Herbs are perfect for use in spells, candle dressing, additions to incense and many other applications. 

Yarrow is also known as nosebleed because of its wonderful hemostatic action. It slows down bleeding and thus is useful for nosebleeds, yes, but also wound care, first aid, and excessive menstrual flow. It is antibacterial and anti inflammatory, which in combination with its hemostatic action, makes it an excellent herb for wounds. I include it in my Better Bottom Bath to help mamas recover from childbirth. Yarrow encourages sweating and is expectorant. It is excellent to include in a tea for colds and flus. It is rather bitter and thus encourages digestion and stimulates appetite when taken before a meal.

It is an herb best used when not pregnant.

Yarrow has a very distinct smell. I rather enjoy it, but feel free to disagree! Bugs don't seem to love the smell evidently as a yarrow tincture makes an excellent insect repellant. No tincture? No problem. Crush the leaves between your hands and rub over your body to keep the bugs away! 

Internal use is not recommended without the guidance of a trained herbalist. Please consult an herbalist for more information.

Responsibly Wildcrafted in BC Canada. Items in photo other than herbal packet are not included. Sorry no refunds or returns. Not for consumption.


If, for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, feel free to reach out to us directly so we can make it right. Our reputation is very important and your satisfaction is our goal. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and wish all of our customers happiness, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of your lives!  We are happy to share  knowledge and help guide you towards making the perfect selection for your needs. Feel free to email us using the contact form with any questions. We will do our best to point you in the right direction!

If you are in search of a particular product that you do not see listed, please contact us using the form on the blog. We have more inventory than we have time to list , through we do sell out fast in the Okanagan Valley in BC Canada. We will be more than willing to help you find what you are looking for!

Most orders will ship within 24 hours of purchase (excluding holidays or weekends if the order is placed after we do  morning runs to the post office that closes at 1:00 pm). 

If we no longer have an item in stock that you have ordered (which does happen often), the shipping of your item may be delayed if I do not receive a response from you on how to proceed.

We try our best to keep all of our products well stocked in season and available for anyone that needs them. On rare occasions, we will get wiped clean of a product that then must be handmade to order. 

Depending on where we are in our planetary cycle, they may take days or even weeks for us to re-stock. Our goal is to give customers the most potent product available and we strive to uphold our standard of quality and consistency. If you have ordered a product that is no longer available, I will recommend a similar product for your needs. We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy our products! 

If you would like to purchase multiple items, you will AUTOMATICALLY be refunded the difference in shipping costs once your order has shipped.

** By BC & Canadian  Law  we must state that all products sold through this online shop are sold as curio items for entertainment purposes only. We do not imply or guarantee that any of the items here provide specific abilities, powers, or outcomes. Any information provided on listings or through private conversation is intended for educational purposes only and are based on historical folklore and traditions that Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy and Grove of the Red Dragon teach in the  Metaphysical 101 Courses. 

Use our products at your own risk. 

By purchasing this item, you understand and release Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy and Grove of the Red Dragon from any liability. 

All items are for external use only and should never be ingested for any reason. Always use proper safety precautions when using our products. We will not be held responsible for illness, injury, or death from the use of any product sold in this online shop.

Please note that our products should not replace advice from a physician.

Always perform a skin test before using any type of product on the body to ensure no irritation, redness or swelling occurs – especially if you have sensitive skin! If any type of irritation occurs, consult a physician immediately.  If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any serious medical condition consult a physician before using any of our products.

Users of this site are fully responsible for any consequences resulting from their use of our products. Again, the information on this site is provided for educational or informational purposes only; it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, whether medical, legal, or otherwise. 

 © Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy 2020

Monday, 4 May 2020

Jade Facial Roller

Chakra Stone Rollers for Your Facial Skin Care

As a holistic spa practioner for over 20 + years there is something we have used in facials to make your face look younger, crisper, and more radiant. 

We are not talking about facial surgery here; we are talking about an old Chinese practice that involves using a tool called Jade roller.

Root Chakra Reiki Spa will introduce you to our Jade rollers, what they are and how they work. They are for sale on our shopping page for only $15.99 each. This is the  magic of looking fresh.

Our Jade Roller is a imbued  healing stone that tones the facial muscles and soothes the nervous system. Great for anyone with puffy eyes, it is believed to absorb negative energy.   

They can  improve blood circulation and eliminate skin puffiness. When you are stressed, it promotes cell turnover, tones the skin, and enhances skin elasticity supporting lymphatic drainage. What Root Chakra Reiki  loves about these rollers is the more we use it the less we need to buy products to help the aging process. 

Jade Roller stimulate collagen, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the skin. Jade rollers have been used in China by wealthy wonem since the 7th Century. The key method to Jade rolling is working the roller from the inside of your face out. Start from the corners of your nose, rolling out towards your eyes on either side of your face. Women tend to hold a lot of tension in their faces. Rolling helps release muscle tightness.  Jade stones are non-porous and do not harbor bacteria, there are no added dyes in our rollers and it  comes with cleaning cloth. Jade gemstone itself is said to represent healing and protection and promote qualities such as wisdom, balance and peace.

Root Chakra Reiki Rollers  are a great investment for any woman or man that is concerned about lymphatic build up in the facial area and does not have time for  regular facials or massage.  

Rollers can range in price from $5 to upwards of $200 depending on the quality of production. You can absolutely find a good  roller in the $20 -$50 range.  We are currently out of the Rose Quartz Rollers. They are fan fav in our shop.

All jade mined in China is nephrite jade which should not be confused with the far more expensive Jadeite jade.

No information entailed in this webblog is not meant to diagnose, treat, or otherwise serve as medical advice to eradicate disease or health concerns. We are holistic spa practitioners, not doctors and you should seek professional medical help if you notice any symptoms of declining health.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Indo European Folk Magic

Happy Beltane!

As our Metaphysical 101 students wrap up last months module on Homeopathy, we start thinking about the fun in spell casting with some  recipes for you to make at home.  

What Will You Learn?

Our root worker (conjure) module  teaches the beliefs and practices Indo European Folk Magic.  These workings come from pantry magic, folk and historical practices.

Along with recipes, you’ll learn about the use of  Black Salt, Cascarilla Powder and Resin incense making approach to spiritual bathing, tricks (spells), the use of psalms, candle magic, herbs, oils, powders, and other tools, the role of your ancestors, dream interpretation and divination.

In this module we offer students  detailed descriptions so that they can experiment with recipes and methods at home. Step by step this course  explains practices such as spiritual bathing and laying tricks (spells) and how to make a petition (magical request).  

Details of what materials you will need and how to use them are provided, along with numerous quick-reference tables listing associations of herbs and other materials so that you can easily access the information necessary for any work you do.

The conjure module  is designed for those who want to understand folk magic and its practices. It is suitable for complete beginners with no background in spellcasting as well as seasoned pros. It is also useful for those who practice or are interested in other forms of folk magic who want to expand their horizons. As this is a practical course, it will suit people who want to learn through a hands-on approach to herbs and candle workings. 

  • Candle Work
  • Black Salt
  • Cascarilla
  • Witches Bottle
  • Effigy Dolls
  • Crossroad
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Hot Foot Powder
  • Deployment
  • Disposal

Distance Reiki

Yesterday,  I had a very wonderful and amazing experience.  While it's something I've done before, stepping back and looking...